Scrub Daddy Pets – Two New Sponges Have Arrived!

Introducing, the latest members of the family the Scrub Daddy Pets – Scrub Mommy Cat and Scrub Daddy Dog.

Scrub Daddy Pets have just made it even easier to co-ordinate your cleaning and avoid cross-contamination when cleaning up after your pets. The new Cat and Dog sponges are great for cleaning your pet bowls, leads, mats, dog coats and all pet accessories while also looking super cute! But if you don’t have any pets, don’t let this stop you. They fit on the Daddy Caddy so can just be a new addition to your home.

The new pets are made from Scrub Daddy’s unique material FlexTexture which allows the sponge to change texture in water temperature. In hot water, the sponge becomes soft for light cleaning and in cold water, becomes hard for tough scrubbing. Scrub Mommy’s dual-sided sponge side is made from exclusive material ResoFoam which never dries out, creates tons of suds and is super absorbent.

The latest arrivals from Scrub Daddy have taken the Instagram cleaning community and the pet accounts by storm! With cats and dogs accounts with thousands of followers sharing pictures of their pets with the new sponges! Check out this one from @cockapoo_nelson

How will you be using your #ScrubDaddyPets?